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New, Innovative Packaging Maintains Artichokes Fresh for Exports

new package for shipping artichokes

Artichokes are getting the special treatment. New packaging has been created that’s going to extend their freshness, which will help boost and support exports.


fact, the solution is relatively simple and inexpensive. The macro-perforated plastic containers contain essential oils which, incredibly, maintain the artichoke’s freshness. Artichokes are notoriously delicate vegetables, so this discovery will allow for their export in optimal conditions and to destinations that are much further away than usual.

This new packaging, which was developed by scientists at Miguel Hernández University and the Polytechnic School in Orihuela, extends fresh artichoke’s characteristics from 8 to 21 days. In general, artichokes usually can last 4 or 5 days in refrigeration but generally lose about 5 to 6% of their weight. With this new method, the team found that, after 3 weeks, the artichokes had lost just 1%.

The essential oils used come from thyme, oregano, and clove, and a few drops of highly-concentrated extract are used. The final packaging meets market and consumer demands as it contains no dangerous additives and the food does not contain toxins or any other product or element that might impact its quality negatively.

This research directly benefits the agrifood industry as it will help support an increase in exports. As for artichokes, until now they have been primarily consumed locally, but this new packaging will change that.

new package for shipping artichokes. Juan Manuel Sanz / @ICEX

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