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Liqueur Made from Galician Padron Peppers Hits the Market

Liqueur Made from Galician Padron Peppers

There’s always room on the supermarket shelves for a new, innovative drink. That must be the thinking behind a new liqueur recently launched on

the market made from Padron peppers from Galicia.

The creators of this new beverage are Galician Original Drinks and Osborne Group, and this is the first liqueur in the world made from these peppers. Called Dr. Zas, the drink is a little bit spicy as the peppers have a little kick, and they give it a shiny green color. The drink is meant to be enjoyed during nights out and in shot format.

According to its creators, the drink is pleasant and surprising, and although it has a bit of spice, it also has a smooth flavor, sweet undertones and a fresh aftertaste. The container was specially designed to look like a mix between an old medicine bottle and a premium nighttime beverage you might find at a nightclub.

The name Dr. Zas has a funny story behind it. The idea is that he is a scientist who, expelled from university, holes up in his laboratory. He spends all of his time there, creating original drinks with surprising effects on the body, and the soul. This is his latest creation, a revolutionary beverage that aims to be the “definitive antidote to boredom.”

Liqueur Made from Galician Padron Peppers / @Osborne Group

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