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2 Spanish Waters Win at the FineWaters Taste & Design Awards in Stockholm

FineWaters Taste & Design Awards

At the FineWaters Taste & Design Awards, recently held in Stockholm, Sweden, two brands from Spain received distinctions.

In the “Still | Low category”,

Pineo took home the gold medal, and in the “Added Carbonation | Low category,” Cabreiroá received the bronze medal.

The FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition Taste & Design Awards featured a panel of five professional judges and experienced water sommeliers and experts from around the world: Michael Mascha, Jeanette Fili, Rita Palandrani, Sam Wu, and Michael Tanousis. The waters were judged with the philosophy that “Water is not just water. It has terroir, and comes from a real place and has character.”

Other winners came from the US, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Peru, Australia, Hungary, France, Finland, Norway, and Canada. This is an annual event, and previous editions were held in Ecuador and China. This year’s event included several activities, such as a cocktail reception and private tour of the exhibition “The Future of Food and Drink,” at the Spiritmuseum, and a dinner with water pairings curated by water sommeliers. Fifty waters from around the world were available for tasting and pairing.

FineWaters aims to teach consumers, the media and also F&B professionals that water is more than water. It was created by Michael Mascha, whose website is “the definitive voice for water connoisseurs and their accompanying lifestyle.” This resource enables consumers to better understand the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry.


FineWaters Taste & Design Awards / @Pineo

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