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10 Finalists for the BCC World Culinary Prize Officially Announced

The BCC World Culinary Prize is one of the most prestigious distinctions in the world of gastronomy. This particular accolade aims to recognize those chefs who have used their

“knowledge, leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity to be part of the transformation of society.” It recognizes those chefs who have become a force for change and used gastronomy and food to make a positive impact on society as a whole in the areas such as nutrition, education, social or economic development, the environment, the food industry, health, and culinary innovation.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges that usually includes some of the most powerful and well-known chefs in the world. This year, the panel includes heavyweights such as Heston Blumenthol (UK), Dan Barber (US), Rene Redzepi (Denmark), Ferran Adrià (Spain), and Alex Atala (Brazil), among others.

The ten finalists for this year’s edition have been announced. They are: Giovanni Cuocci, from Italy; Selassie Atadika, from Ghana; Lars Williams, from the US/Denmark; Xanty Elías, from Spain; Mario Castrellón, from Panama; Douglas McMaster, from the UK; Siew-Chinn Chin, from Malaysia/US; Cristina Martinez, from Mexico/US; Virgilio Martinez, from Peru; and Anthony Myint, from the US.

They are all breaking new ground in different ways. Atadika, for example, is looking to inspire more women to enter the dining industry while promoting Africa’s “vast and diverse culinary legacy,” while Williams is using his culinary knowledge to help disadvantaged communities identify ingredients with “unexplored potential” with a view to using them to produce unique products that ultimately generate economic wealth.

10 Finalists for the BCC World Culinary Prize / @BCC World Culinary Prize

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